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What do we mean by “the Future of Work?”

The future of work encapsulates how work is changing over the next five to ten years. Advances in technology, machine learning, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence coupled with the growing diversity of views and expectations across the workforce are at the heart of the shift.

At Fuze, we see ourselves as part of this much larger movement that is connecting the digital workforce. Technology is generating significant opportunities for people and companies alike. Employees are demanding consumer-like experiences to match technology in their personal lives, with greater flexibility on where and how they work. Work is personal and employees want the opportunity to choose their workstyles, schedules, and tools.

The future of work is creating an increasingly complex environment for business leaders across the globe. They must balance the demands of the incoming workforce with those of more experienced employees and navigate the obstacles of operational responsibilities, modest budgets, and rising expectations of customers and employees.