Your on-premises PBX systems are now facing their greatest challenge. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the future of work, resulting in the majority of people working from home. Many business leaders deployed quick solutions to enable their employees from home while staying productive and engaged. Unlike legacy PBX systems, cloud-based communications solutions bring calling, meeting and chatting capabilities anywhere—ultimately helping your organization continue to do business in any type of remote work scenario that arises.

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Avaya vs. Fuze

Avaya Legacy PBX
  • Single layer of redundancy
  • Requires hardware and software maintenance
  • Requires onsite FTEs to maintain system
  • No mobility - users tied to their desk phone
  • Hard to scale to more users or to other countries
Multiple points of failure
Avaya Cloud Office by RingCentral
  • Multiple vendors involved providing solutions
  • Uncertainty of future support and product development
  • Potential Security risks with multiple vendors
Limited growth potential
  • One platform for all your communication needs
  • Fully supported turnkey solution
  • Reliable and secure at scale
  • Global and regional coverage with predictable costs
  • Intuitive user experience for end users and admins
Future proof

Why Move from Avaya to Fuze?


Traditional telephony and communications solutions like Avaya chain you to your desk like a paper weight. However, with today’s global landscape, organizations need to be agile, act quickly, and enable your workforce to work from anywhere without disruptions under any circumstances. Cloud communications truly allows your workforce to work wherever and whenever they need to. Fuze delivers:

  • Calling, chatting, and video conferencing so your employees can stay connected whether they are working from home or in the office
  • A localized dialing experience on softphones without the need for a physical desk phone
  • Enterprise-grade platform and services to ensure there is no disruption to daily communication among your workforce
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Cost Savings

Cost Savings

With Avaya, you may be paying more for the upkeep and maintenance of your legacy system than it would cost you to move to Fuze’s cloud-based solution. Especially if you have an older PBX for voice and are paying for other tools for messaging, conferencing, and video collaboration—all things Fuze can do with a single license.

Most importantly, cloud-based communications solutions scale easily as your business grows. Switching your communications tool undoubtedly makes the most financial sense for your business. With Fuze, you get:

  • Predictable monthly billing costs
  • Pay-as-you-grow features and functionality
  • Solutions that integrate with your existing software
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Ease of Use

A communications solution can’t be effective across your organization if it is not easy to use. Cloud-based communications solutions merely require simple training, are available whenever and wherever your employees are, and possess a user interface just like the ones we use in our everyday technology. Fuze provides:

  • An intuitive single application experience for end users
  • Simpler user control and management for IT admins
  • Ability to optimize depending on your organization needs
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Ease of Use


As your business grows, you need tools that are flexible, modern, and easily integrate with other solutions to increase your levels of productivity. Cloud-based communications solutions have a swift and scalable deployment, both desktop & mobile video and voice collaboration, integrates with other cloud solutions, and eliminates redundancy between telephony and video conferencing bills by consolidating the cost into one. Fuze allows you to:

  • Add, remove, or manage users through the Fuze Hub easily
  • Leverage unmetered calling to more than 110 countries with over 50 carrier relationships
  • AMove office locations with no interruption for your workforce
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Frank recruitment group

“Our voice communication approach was extremely reactive, with the IT team frantically repairing and upgrading the incumbent platform in an attempt to support business demand. Our telephony set-up simply couldn’t support our existing or future requirements. To expand rapidly and sustain our growth, we had to find a communications partner that would drive our cloud-first strategy and deliver the modern experience our business and workforce demanded.”

Anthony Cummings, Director of Infrastructure and Operations IT, Frank Recruitment Group

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Fuze is the #1 global cloud communications platform for unified voice, HD video calling and conferencing, integrated chatting, content sharing, and contact center.

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