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Workforce Futures

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Fuze Workforce Future

The Role of People in 
the Future of Work

Technology advancements, distributed workforces, and an overhaul in the way people think about work are driving a fundamental shift in the way that today’s businesses must operate.

Drawing on global research, this report presents a vision for the future of work through the eyes of those on the frontlines. It provides a deep-dive analysis into the tools, trends, and technologies that will define the working world over the years to come, along with commentary from industry thought leaders including Frost & Sullivan, Flexcel Network, The Solo Project, and more.


Research Highlights

  • 73% of employees work outside of their contracted work hours as they are more productive
  • 54% of employees would move to another company for greater flexibility
  • 65% of workers welcome automation to free them up from manual, repetitive tasks

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