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Fuze, the leading cloud-based communications and collaboration platform provider for the modern global enterprise, today announced Fuze Discover, a new tool that provides deep analysis of communications and collaboration activity, enabling enterprises to identify and explore new trends to guide strategic business initiatives. Fuze Discover will be generally available in Q1 2019.


Currently Fuze includes Fuze View (formerly Fuze Data) which provides a snapshot of the organization's daily/weekly activities to easily view real-time analytics of communications and collaboration usage patterns. Fuze Discover builds on these capabilities, combining detailed activity visualization, trends analysis, and in-depth customized reports. Organizations will be able to interactively explore centralized communications activity within the Fuze Platform.


According to an Accenture study, 79 percent of enterprise executives agree that companies that do not embrace big data will lose their competitive position and could face extinction. With the ability to analyze unified communications and collaboration activity from across the enterprise, Fuze Discover breaks down silos to uncover insights not previously possible. Leveraging insights from communications usage patterns across voice and video can help organizations identify macro trends helping them drive business efficiency and cross functional productivity, and gain a competitive edge.  


Fuze Discover enables IT leaders to analyze the following:


  • True ROI: Ongoing real-time visibility measuring actual utilization with the baseline operational goals set at the start of the Fuze deployment

  • Adoption: IT leaders can evaluate product adoption by department and global regions, helping to identify enablement gaps post deployment and prioritize training and additional onboarding tactics

  • Usage Patterns: Organizations can measure usage patterns by department and global regions to help uncover and address cross-functional team misalignment and trends around device preferences, such as mobile and softphone versus a traditional hardphone that can lead to cost savings

  • Performance Metrics: Customers can benchmark workforce effectiveness against communications patterns to determine how, when, and where teams do their best work. For example, organizations can answer the question, “what time of day is my sales or engineering team the most productive?”

Differentiating features from Fuze View:


  • Packaged Trend Visuals: Fuze Discover identifies top workforce and worker trends, dependent on tailored parameters

  • Custom Visualizations: Fuze Discover provides individualized dashboards, catered to each leader’s business goals and needs

  • Report Builder: Fuze Discover provides access to customized reports and the ability to export and schedule reports


“Fuze Discover gives IT leaders the power to unlock the true value of their communications activity,” said Derek Yoo, chief product officer and co-founder at Fuze. “Understanding usage and communications patterns enables organizations and leaders to better understand trends to support a company’s most valuable asset, their people, while also maximizing productivity and cost efficiency. We remain committed to improving collaboration and productivity across the enterprise, enhancing our platform with a new offering that enables customers to uncover key insights that align with their business goals.”


About Fuze
Fuze is a global cloud communications and collaboration software platform for the enterprise. Through an innovative and consumer-inspired unified experience, Fuze enables seamless transition between voice, video, messaging, and content sharing. Fuze empowers the digital workforce anytime, anywhere, and across any device. Headquartered in Boston, MA, Fuze has additional locations including New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Ottawa, London, Amsterdam, Aveiro (Portugal), Paris, Munich, Zurich, Copenhagen, and Sydney. For more information, visit www.fuze.com.


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