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Company “stands out among competitors” with broad portfolio of cloud communications and collaboration solutions

Fuze, the leading cloud-based communications platform provider for the modern global enterprise, announced that Frost & Sullivan has recognized the company with its 2017 Innovation and Leadership Award. According to the 2017 North American UCaaS and Converged Conferencing Services Competitive Strategy Innovation and Leadership Report, Fuze stands out as a leader among competitors with its rapid growth, broad portfolio of cloud communications and collaboration solutions, and strategic focus on mid-size and large businesses.


“Fuze’s mission is to deliver truly unified communications and collaboration solutions to businesses that enable people to interact whenever and wherever they want,” said Colin Doherty, CEO, Fuze. “We have conducted extensive market research on the future of work and digital transformation to drive our strategy and innovation. This allows us to lead the market with a single platform across voice, video, and messaging. We are honored to receive this leadership recognition for our competitive differentiation and commitment to innovating the digital workplace for today’s modern enterprise.”


“Overall, Fuze differentiates through a highly collaborative, contextually enhanced modern user interface backed by a rich multi-media cloud UCC applications suite, which resonate strongly with its target mid-size and large customers,” said Elka Popova, VP and Senior Fellow, Frost & Sullivan. “Fuze has been on a strong growth path since its inception. Through the launch of several new products and initiatives, the company demonstrates its ability to compete through visionary technology innovation and efficient business operations. For these reasons and for its strong overall performance, we are pleased to award Fuze with the 2017 Innovation and Leadership Award.”


Summary of Findings:


Comprehensive Offering

Fuze offers one of the most comprehensive cloud communications and collaboration portfolios in the market. Through an extensive feature set, Fuze caters to broad business requirements and diverse needs of the modern, mobile workforce. In addition to robust cloud private branch exchange (PBX) functionality, the Fuze platform supports:

  • Mobility;
  • Audio, web, and video conferencing;
  • Persistent group chat and team collaboration;
  • Instant messaging and presence; and,
  • Contact center and strong analytics tools.



  • As voice over IP (VoIP) and cloud technologies mature, demand for cloud solutions among mid-size and large businesses is also growing. Fuze is among few providers that have designed solutions and marketing strategies for larger enterprises.
  • This approach has enabled Fuze to differentiate from others and deliver a unique value proposition to this relatively untapped customer segment. The company reports traction within increasingly larger businesses of greater than 2,000 users, which proves that its services are a good fit for this type of environment.


Global Coverage, Localized Experiences

  • Fuze also leverages an indirect channel of 200 partners and features a diversified channel roster, which includes wholesale partners (telcos and value-added resellers).
  • Channel partners help extend Fuze’s market reach and provide the high-quality customer support that is critical for growth and market share gains in the fragmented cloud communications and collaboration markets.
  • Partners also play a critical role in Fuze’s international expansion. The company is one of few North American providers to extend its services to countries outside the United States. In the past couple of years, the company launched services in Australia, Belgium, Brazil, France, The Netherlands, Portugal, the UK and other countries in Europe and Asia-Pacific, and continues expanding into new markets.
  • It is also ramping up its professional services resources in international markets to gain credibility and better assist mid-to-large customers in their transition to the cloud.



  • Fuze addresses increasing customer requirements for advanced collaboration tools to support remote users and geographically dispersed teams.
  • Augmented video conferencing and group chat capabilities resonate particularly well with Millennial users, who cherish mobility and simplicity in their communications tools, and prefer video and texting over voice.
  • Fuze also caters to the growing collaboration needs of the entire user base. Recently launched webcasting capabilities address broader workforce requirements for enhanced collaboration in increasingly virtual work environments.



  • Another key focal area is the delivery of contextual data and the availability of real-time voice, video, and chat analytics to better align the use of advanced communications and collaboration tools with broader business goals.
  • Advanced analytics tools allow larger Fuze customers to gain deeper insights about various aspects of their operations such as accounting, marketing, customer service, and more.



  • Fuze’s technology roadmap aims to address key market trends and customer pain points, such as growing user mobility, the rise of virtual organizations and remote work, and the need to leverage IT and communications investments for greater business impact.
  • Mobile device integration is an important element of the provider’s solutions and market strategy. Recent Fuze product launches, such as its new reimagined user interface, prove its commitment to a mobile-first technology development approach.
  • Fuze delivers superior customer value through unique features and capabilities that offer specific benefits to certain types of users. For example, Fuze places a great focus on mobile user experience. In acknowledgement of the modern workforce’s growing mobility needs, the provider extends enterprise UCC applications to mobile devices. A significant portion of Fuze customers have deployed mobility features, and the adoption rate is accelerating with 85 percent of new customers deploying the new unified mobile application for their employees.


“The development of the Fuze reimagined user experience followed a consumer-inspired approach to UX, taking into account individual behavior and then optimizing the experience based on that behavior,” continued Doherty. “We believe the accelerating organic adoption rates of our unified mobile app reported by Frost & Sullivan further validate our investment in delivering a more connected experience overall.”


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Frost & Sullivan Research Methodology

Frost & Sullivan’s 360-degree research methodology represents the analytical rigor of its research process. It offers a 360-degree view of industry challenges, trends, and issues by integrating all seven of Frost & Sullivan’s research methodologies. Too often, companies make important growth decisions based on a narrow understanding of their environment, leading to errors of both omission and commission. Successful growth strategies are founded on a thorough understanding of market, technical, economic, financial, customer, best practices, and demographic analyses. The integration of these research disciplines into the 360-degree research methodology provides an evaluation platform for benchmarking industry players and for identifying those performing at best-in-class levels.


About Fuze

Fuze is a global, cloud-based unified communications platform that empowers productivity and delivers insights across the enterprise by enabling simplified business voice communications, flexible video conferencing, and always-on collaboration. Formerly ThinkingPhones, Fuze allows the modern, mobile workforce to seamlessly communicate anytime, anywhere, across any device. Headquartered in Boston, MA, Fuze has additional locations including New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Ottawa, London, Amsterdam, Aveiro (Portugal), Madrid, Paris, Munich, Zurich, Copenhagen and Sydney. For more information, visit www.fuze.com.