Meetings Features

HD Audio & Video Conferencing


Start a meeting directly from your team chat.


Meet in high definition, wherever you are. Meetings with up to 1,000 participants on Windows, OSX, iOS, Android, and web can turn any home office, huddle space, airport, or room into a state-of-the-art conferencing space.


Enterprise-grade conferencing

Fuze Meetings blends world-class HD VoIP and global dial-in access. Fuze Meetings securely delivers a quality audio experience by intelligently routing and dynamically optimizing the experience for each meeting participant based on their location and available network connectivity.


Scheduling made easy

Integrations with Microsoft and Google allow you to schedule, host, and join private, hostless, and high-capacity meetings directly from your calendar. Start ad hoc meetings from Fuze’s integrated team messaging, from a Slack channel, or from Microsoft Teams.


Set up for meeting success

Set up and test your camera, microphone, and speaker defaults in settings. Preview these options as you join meetings to ensure you’re starting the meeting off right.

Meeting Types




Create an ad hoc or schedule an open, private or large meeting directly from Fuze Desktop.


Fuze has meeting types for all occasions: 1:1 check ins, team meetings, sales presentations, company town halls, and marketing webinars. Depending on the topic, audience, or type of interaction, selecting the right meeting type is important to ensure the appropriate presenter/participant controls and security of content.


Small- to medium-sized interactive sessions

Open meetings are best for small to medium-sized internal catchups. Private meetings will only begin once the host has joined, and the host must accept each participant before they can enter the meeting. Only the meeting host or a delegate can share their screen and access meeting settings.


Presenting in large meeting

Presenters and hosts run the show in large meetings. They can access all meeting settings, such as screen share, content share, and meeting controls while all attendees are muted, their video is disabled, and they cannot unmute unless a presenter specifically unmutes them.


Require registration for attendee tracking

Webinars are a specialized version of large meetings, providing the option to require advanced attendee registration. Schedule webinars, invite attendees, require registration, and manage presenters for large meetings that include up to 1,000 participants.

Collaboration Tools




Share content directly from Box while meeting on Fuze Mobile.


Support your great ideas with Fuze Meeting collaboration tools. In a Fuze Meeting, you can screen share, upload content, whiteboard, take asynchronous meeting notes, and engage in group or private chats.


Bring ideas to life in meetings

A picture says 1,000 words. So does a slide. Screen share, share an application, or upload and present files from the Fuze Content Locker during a Fuze Meeting. Use whiteboarding features for ideation and group collaboration.


Upload from wherever your content is stored

Fuze integrates to Dropbox and Box for easy sharing during meetings. Upload the content into a Fuze Meeting, right from where your content is stored.


Keep your meeting on track

It can be easy to get off track in a meeting or conclude a meeting without next steps. Use Fuze Meeting notes to manage your agenda, keep track of all important notes and to-do’s, and share any supporting links. These meeting notes are asynchronous and persistent for recurring meetings.

Fuze Rooms



Initiate a no-touch join experience by launching a Fuze Rooms meeting directly from your phone.


Extend the power of cloud communications to conference rooms and meeting spaces of all sizes. With Fuze software and off-the-shelf hardware, you can create a state of the art collaboration space at a fraction of the cost. Deploy Fuze Rooms in any scenario with support for Mac, Windows, Android, and Chrome browser.


Easy to schedule, easy to join

Joining a Fuze Meeting from a conference room is easy. Simply enter the Meeting ID on the touch tablet or start an ad hoc meeting. For a no-touch meeting join experience, launch the Fuze Meeting from your desktop or mobile device. Make and receive calls directly from a DID enabled Fuze Room, eliminating the need for a conference room phone.


Consistent experience across desktop, mobile, and any meeting space

Fuze Rooms is one less tool to learn how to use. Experience the same look and feel, in-meeting collaboration tools, and high-quality video experience from your personal devices and from Fuze Rooms.


Leverage existing hardware

With support for non-proprietary hardware, you can reuse existing USB equipment. For customers who have invested in proprietary video hardware, Telepresence Connect allows you to incorporate any H.323 or SIP endpoint into the Fuze Meeting experience, including screen share to and from telepresence endpoints.