Cloud Rises Above On-Prem in the Comunications Battle

Have you moved your business communications to the cloud yet?

Cloud communications isn’t on the drawing board anymore. It’s happening. With a change like this, there are a dazzling array of solution options. You’ve seen your CRM, ERP, customer service, and ITSM systems all make the move to the cloud. It’s time for your business communications to do the same. Maybe all you need is a tool that simply works or a platform that makes your job easier and, ultimately, your team more efficient. Here are five key questions to ask any potential UCaaS provider before making a decision that will affect your business each and every day.

Are you ready for the move to the cloud?

CIOs and heads of IT in most organizations face competing priorities—reducing costs and improving productivity while maintaining the security of all IT systems. IDC estimates that 40 percent of all tech spending will be devoted to digital transformation, with the direction and sense of urgency coming from a company’s leadership team. TechPro Research shows a drastic increase in the number of companies that have a digital transformation strategy—from 53 percent to 70 percent over the course of two years. That number is sure to keep rising. Research from Altimeter shows that CIOs edge out CEOs (28 percent to 23 percent) as sponsors of digital transformations. Either way, it’s clear that this change is being led from the top-down.

What can cloud communications deliver?

The move to the cloud should be an easy one to justify with all of the advantages it offers. Here is a summary of the benefits you should expect with a cloud solution vs. on-premises.

Cost Savings

  • No upfront hardware costs required
  • Lease options for equipment and professional services
  • Predictable monthly billing
  • Pay-as-you-grow features and functionality
  • Integrations with existing software subscriptions

Increased Productivity

  • Swift and scalable deployment
  • Desktop/mobile video and voice collaboration
  • Integrates easily with other cloud solutions
  • Eliminates redundant software costs, with video conferencing and telephony in one bill

Simpler Management

  • Ability to optimize depending on organization
  • Simpler user control and management
  • Ability to focus IT on strategic priorities

Uptime and World-Class Security

  • Active-active structure guarantees uptime
  • Out-of-the-box disaster recovery
  • Global data centers ensure uptime despite natural disasters
  • World-class security baked into all of our solutions

Global Service

  • Global data centers for service all over the globe
  • Control international calling within the customer portal
  • Local calling experiences around the globe

Ease of Use

  • Available wherever your employees are
  • Simple training
  • Interfaces and usability just like consumer technologies

Here are some reasons that may be driving you to shift to cloud communications. Are you experiencing any of them?

High maintenance or ad hoc service costs
Inconsistent quality of service, across your organization
Uncontrollable version control
Flexible or remote work policies
Collaboration tools no one uses
Different user experiences across different platforms
Multiple platforms for users to learn and IT to support
Remote employees with spotty access to business communication tools
A variety of communications platforms for multiple office locations
Limited communications functionality during business travel
Unresponsive or ineffective communications support
Service delays when scaling or moving business

Cloud vs. on-premises solutions

Today’s workforce is constantly on the go and requires flexibility and mobility. They’re no longer tied to their desks or company computers. They could be working in a coffee shop, a home office, or on an airplane. To keep up, your business processes and tools must be flexible, agile, secure, scalable, affordable, and predictable. Traditional on-premises phone and IP PBX systems are no exception. See how the cloud stacks up against on-premises options.

Cloud-based Solutions On-premises Solutions
Built-in Security
PBX Replacement
Voice: 1 to 1
Voice: 1 to many
Performance Analytics
Web Collaboration
Disaster Recovery
Mobile Client
PCI Compliance
API Integration
Professional Services
Self Service
Contact Center
Multi-Modal Support

Fuze removes the stumbling blocks of traditional, on-premises solutions. We’ve added convenient innovations that make your workday easier. Whether at a desk or traveling, your users will have a modern, seamless communications experience that places calling, meeting, chatting, and sharing on a single unified, award-winning, pure cloud platform.

Benefits Fuze customers have realized:

 Reduction in costs across communications systems by 30-40%
Reduction in costs across communications systems by 30-40%
Elimination of on-premises telco refresh costs
Elimination of on-premises telco refresh costs
Reduce time to deploy from months to days
Reduce time to deploy from months to days

Our intuitive unified communications and contact center platform enables seamless transition between calling, meeting, chatting, and sharing powered by the industry-leading cloud voice for the enterprise. Fuze empowers the digital and distributed workforce to communicate anywhere, anytime, and across any device.

fuze in action

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