CIO CLOUD CHAMPION CHECKLIST How to take charge of digital transformation in your organization Today’s IT leaders face tremendous pressure when it comes to integrating new technology into their organizations while managing existing responsibilities. Mastering both can be a difficult balance of time and resources. Those who can successfully maneuver these challenges will drive their business forward in this era of digital transformation. These fast facts and handy takeaways from the CIO Outlook report will help guide you along the way to becoming your organization’s cloud champion. Think beyond cost reduction It’s up to IT leaders to show other executives that they mean business when it comes to seizing opportunities and driving digital innovation. Embrace the cloud and new service models Despite wanting to focus on new initiatives, IT leaders are spending most of their time “keeping the lights on.” Outsourcing services and moving to the cloud can help CIOs find much-needed time for strategic innovation.Cloud migrations alone show a commitment to digital transformation that will advance these initiatives. Start with cloud-based communications UCaaS may only be one piece of the puzzle when considering migrating to the cloud, but it should be a focal point in 2017.Cloud-based communication platforms are secure and provide flexibility to enable workers to get more done. Consolidate cloud applications to reduce unnecessary usage Too many applications are hindering IT initiatives to save costs or improve user experience.A single unified communications application brings together voice, video conferencing, and collaboration – including screen sharing and messaging – eliminating the need to juggle numerous distinct communications applications. The top three factors driving adoption of new communication technology Adopt UCaaS to achieve your 2017 goals New communication technologies help IT leaders innovate while being smarter about current infrastructure management and overhead costs. It’s a win/win for IT to be both strategic and lean. These insights come from the responses of nearly 300 CIOs across today’s leading global organizations. When brought together, they shed light on common challenges faced by many IT leaders. Equipped with this knowledge, CIOs can be more empowered to champion digital transformation for their organizations. We’re leading the way for IT leaders to keep moving toward their goals. Check unified communications off your list of digital transformation initiatives.