Remote Work During COVID-19

Are you struggling to help your company shift to working from home? The COVID-19 pandemic marks the first occasion where business leaders globally have had to quickly enable their employees to work remotely for an extensive period of time. Many companies lack the policies, guidelines, technology, and culture for remote work to be successful. Given the nature of our platform, remote work has always been embedded in our DNA.

Whether you’re getting started with remote work for the first time, or just adjusting to full-time remote work as the new normal for your enterprise, here are several resources to help you stay productive below:

Key Learnings from our Executive Team

Remote and distributed work have been part of our DNA for more than 12 years. We’ve been in the unique position of having the policies, culture, and technology stack to deploy a rapid work from home response to COVID-19. Read on for up-to-date perspectives from our executive team.

A Note From Our CEO: Will Coronavirus Be the Reason Remote Work Becomes the Norm?

A Note From Our CEO: Will Coronavirus Be the Reason Remote Work Becomes the Norm?

Fuze CEO Brian Day takes to LinkedIn to share his thoughts around remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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It’s Time to Embrace Flexible Work Schedules Amidst COVID-19

It’s Time to Embrace Flexible Work Schedules Amidst COVID-19

In the face of the coronavirus, we need to remember that we must be flexible. This article from CEO Brian Day offers advice on driving flexibility from the top down.

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A Note From Our Chief People Officer: Best Practices for HR Leaders During

A Note From Our Chief People Officer: Best Practices for HR Leaders During COVID-19

CPO Elisa Gilmartin shares practical tips for HR leaders looking to maintain employee engagement while everyone is working from home.

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A Note From Our CIO: How Can We as CIOs Help Our Employees During

A Note From Our CIO: How Can We as CIOs Help Our Employees During COVID-19?

CIO Chris Conry provides guidance for CIOs who might be dealing with both their teams and entire workforces operating remotely for the first time.

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Transitioning to a mandatory WFH scenario was made much easier thanks to Fuze's cloud communication platform. Our employees were able to continue 'business as usual' because of the many platforms that Fuze can run on (desktop, mobile app, etc.). The IT team has also been able to easily provide remote control support using the screen control feature in Meetings.

Seymour Simone IT Manager, Poppin

We implemented Fuze at EXACTLY the right time prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.. If we did not have the flexibility to use desk phones, softphone and mobile phone apps in various combinations, our WFH plans would have been severely hampered. Being able to expand collaboration/meetings outside of management to our field Account Managers allowed them to maintain presence with our customers, even when they couldn't be there physically. I feel this has been a real differentiator with our customers and has helped us maintain business.

David Houchins Telecom Administrator, N.B. Handy Company

Fuze has greatly improved the productivity of our organization. Communication is always a struggle, but the versatility of the Fuze platform has given us tools to not only improve communication, but to revolutionize our workflows. When COVID-19 hit, we were able to continue working without any downtime due to the ability to use Fuze from any location. Our call center was never offline. Fuze has also helped us stay connected with people working from home. Our employees cannot say enough about what a great tool it has been to help our teams stay connected.

Aaron Hall IT Vice President, Volunteer Behavioral Health

Fuze has enabled our workforce to continue at 100% during the current crisis and pushes our business to innovate with the features Fuze provides.

Travis McKeone CIO, US Auto Sales
Best Practices for Fuze Customers Working Remotely Full-Time

In this video, Lisa Campopiano (VP of Customer Success & Sales) and Ron Calixto (VP of Professional Services) discuss lessons learned from Fuze customers as they transition to full-time remote work, best practices and key considerations for those implementing a unified communications technology during said transition, as well as resources available to Fuze customers to guide them through this time.

How Business Leaders Can Ready their Organization in Response to COVID-19

In this video, Brian Day (Chief Executive Officer) and Rob Scudiere (President & Chief Operating Officer) discuss the global business impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, success stories from Fuze customers during this time, and best practices for executives to implement for organizational and technical readiness.

Best Practices for Establishing a Remote Work Culture & Business Continuity Plan

In this video, Chris Conry (Chief Information Officer) and Elisa Gilmartin (Chief People Officer) discuss what it takes to implement a successful transition to a full-time remote work culture, and what technical executives should consider when creating a business continuity plan.

How to Adjust to Working Remotely Full-Time

In this video, Eric Hanson (Head of Global Marketing) and Jed Brown (SVP of Product & Design) discuss best practices for managers and teams transitioning to full-time remote work, examples of what has worked for their teams, and how their own full-time remote work days have changed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

How to Help Your Employees Set Up their Home Workspace

In this video, David Donatelli (SVP of Global Support) and Dean Holmes (Director of Product Marketing) discuss the best ways to strengthen your network while working full-time remote, provide recommendations for the best gear to use when setting up your home office space, and detail best practices for optimizing your audio and video connections for virtual meetings.

What is Fuze

What is Fuze?

Fuze is a cloud communications and contact center platform, built for the enterprise. We typically work with companies with 250+ employees. Our intuitive, all-in-one platform enables a seamless transition between calling, meeting, chatting, and sharing, powered by the industry-leading intelligent cloud architecture. Fuze modernizes the communications experience and empowers the digital and distributed workforce to communicate anywhere, anytime, and across any device.

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