Any day in a modern office is full of interruption. That's the new normal we all face.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. For future-thinking companies and their people, there’s a better way to go about your day. With unified communications, seamless is more. Thanks to technology, the world is shrinking — and you can do more because of it. We envision a future where workers are free to be the best version of themselves and do their best work. Where collaboration, meaningful communication, and creativity abound across the office and across the oceans. A world enabled by technology, not held back by it. Where possibilities are endless, personalization is priority, and work is finally working.

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4 a.m.
up to greet the dawn

We know you’re connected across geographic locations: From Tokyo to SF, workers are saying “Konichiwa, Hi there” more and more.

of knowledge-based project work is being completed by distributed, virtual teams – and tech should bridge the distances between them with ease.

sky and sun clouds jet airliner

6 a.m.
flight from SFO to LAX

Travel is inevitable: following a dip during the recession, business-class travel has been on the rise in recent years (an expected 5.4% increase in spending in 2016 alone for the business travel industry).

10 a.m.
in meeting at LA offices


The phone rings. You think, should I answer it? Thanks to on-screen detail about who’s calling, you know it can wait – and you can focus on the people around the table.

Workers in a meeting

10:30 a.m.
still in meeting

of meetings are unproductive – but they don’t need to be. In-platform document collaboration means that more things can be done altogether, and that more people can be engaged at once.

11 a.m.
reach out to your go-to office pa
for lunch spot recommendations

If 49% of staff are comfortable using an unapproved app to “get their job done more quickly and easily,” what if you gave them the tools to do their job better than any others could attempt? Ease of use and proper education make widespread adoption within reach.

Guy at a desk Guy standing looking thoughtful Guy using laptop Girl offering advice Guy using laptop Guy using laptop with headphones on

noon - off to lunch

Mobile usage rose 58%
on average from 2014 to 2015.

Badge app Briefcase app Chart app Clock app Desktop app Email app Graphing app Notes app Marketing app Hand holding cellphone
goldfish Bubble trail Goldfish bowls

For apps focused on utilities and productivity, however that figure jumps to a 125% increase.

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Maintenance going on
in your apartment

of employers reported increased productivity among telecommuters, and in turn two-thirds of people indicate they want to work from home (or have the option to do so, anyway).

2 p.m.
mid-afternoon slump

of US survey respondents believe the use of multiple screens improves productivity. With the freedom to move across devices, your day is open to the very real changes that make unplanned activity likely. You’re ready to take on whatever comes your way!

4 p.m. - yikes!

Tablet device Rocket
IDC Projects that cloud based
BI technology will grow
faster in 2016
than on-premise solutions
that self-service
options will grow
faster than
clunkier IT-controlled
tools, as well

6 p.m.
how did you manage to get everything on that
laundry list of to-dos done today, you ask?

Since only 2% of us really have discovered how to make multitasking work for us, technology can step in to help. The right technology will help you focus on the task at hand, making work more meaningful as you transition from project to project.

When it comes to welcoming new developments for better communication at work,
isn't it time you made the right call?

Empower your team to get more from their day
with the right UC technology at their fingertips.

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