The modern and proven approach to communication and collaboration is clear: it’s enabling people with unified communications. That’s what today’s users expect. And it’s what forward-thinking IT leaders are delivering.

In many organizations, desktop phones and VoIP are seen as one expense, while video collaboration, chat/video presence, and team collaboration tools are given their own line items. In other words, organizations have gotten used to thinking about all of these tools and technologies separately.

Managing multiple vendors, carriers, and technologies separately and by region is expensive and challenging. Consider the overhead alone in handling and negotiating different contracts, billing terms, support agreements, service expiration dates, and invoices. Now add to that the logistical nightmare of managing an array of on-premise equipment – and the range of IT skills and time needed. This approach leads to wasted spend on different – and often overlapping – technologies that are fundamentally solving the same problems: communication and collaboration.

Fortunately, enterprises can now take advantage of unified communications solutions in the cloud. These solutions require fewer IT resources for set up and management, and eliminate the need for a huge capital investment. At the same time, mobility has enabled more people to access these solutions from anywhere and on any device.

Unified communications can add up to big cost savings due to:

  • No upfront required hardware costs
  • Predictable monthly billing
  • Pay-as-you-grow features and functionality
  • Software integrations that help you get more out of existing software subscriptions
  • Elimination of the expenses associated with business travel
  • Ability to better leverage people and resources across locations

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