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This unified communications 101 can help you understand why unified communications (UC) is being adopted across industries, and how and where it fits in your organization’s collaboration toolbox.

What is Unified Communications?

UC is a fusion of voice, text, content, and video. Whether someone is using a mobile phone, desk phone, tablet, or laptop, UC ensures a seamless connection and enhanced collaboration.

Why Unified Communications is Being Adopted

To satisfy the expectations of employees, partners, and customers who increasingly prefer social media, video, and other modern tools for communication and collaboration, businesses are rapidly adopting unified communications.

When employees are forced to use multiple tools for communicating and collaborating, they experience friction. Rather than focus on the work to be done, they waste time toggling back and forth between different apps and experiences. What they really want is consistency across all the devices they use, including their desk phones. Failure to satisfy this desire and companies may very well find it hard to attract and retain today’s top talent. At the same time, partners and customers expect the ability to connect with companies using the channel and device of their choosing. Simply put, employees, partners, and customers want the same experience with workplace technology that they’ve come to expect from their personal technology.

How Unified Communications Helps Businesses

UC empowers productivity and delivers insights across the organization by enabling simplified business voice communications, flexible Video Conferencing 101, and always-on collaboration. In fact, today’s unified communications solutions solve many problems, enabling your company to:

Save money

  • • Easy installation
  • • Lower set up and operating costs
  • • Online technical support
  • • Mobile apps that integrate with smartphones and tablets
  • • Call forwarding that makes it easy to maintain a professional brand with minimal staff
  • • The ability to upgrade via the Internet as technology advances
  • • Scalability that accommodates business growth on the fly

So, now you know. Cloud PBX is a modern business phone service provided through the Internet. And a whole lot more. Life is good in the Cloud.

Save money

  • • Eliminate the expenses associated with business travel.
  • • Better leverage people and resources across locations.

Save time

  • • Eliminate the time associated with business travel.
  • • Streamline collaboration by enabling seamless connections to enterprise apps and eliminating the need to switch between different tools.
  • • Allow staff to make important decisions faster, in turn accelerating time to market for new products and services, and more quickly evaluating and repair equipment in the field.

Increase productivity

  • • Bring people together no matter where they are.
  • • Enable both real-time collaboration and asynchronous communication between individuals and groups inside and outside your organization.
  • • Supply managers with insight into workforce interactions and effectiveness.

Create excellent customer experiences

  • • Satisfy customer expectations for flexible communications.
  • • Rally virtual teams around a customer issue to drive faster resolution, improve loyalty, and reduce churn.

Enhance relationships

  • • Foster relationships with partners, collaborators, vendors, and clients by enabling high-quality, engaging meetings anytime, anywhere.
  • • Provide important context for employees as they are communicating with customers and partners.

Hire the best talent

  • • Be more flexible in hiring, getting the best talent from anywhere and enabling remote work initiatives without compromising quality.

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Fuze unifies communications into a single seamless user experience across any device.

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Fuze was positioned as a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Unified Communications as a Service in 2016.

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