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Fuze for human resources.

Key business challenges.

Talent Acquisition

  • Attracting top talent
  • Appealing to millenials and the demand for cutting-edge technology
  • Offering workplace flexibility

Why Fuze?

  • Live board room capability acts as a forum to voice feedback during the process.
  • Fuze makes meetings and design reviews more effective by allowing you to define agendas, share content for reviews ahead of time, take notes during a meeting or record it for later use.
  • Follow-up is simplified with post-meeting notes and commentary available within Fuze
“Fuze is a cutting-edge way to look at recruitment. We can easily eliminate a lot of headache and missed interaction time with a potential candidate. That missed time can mean the difference between getting a really top-notch person into the organization or not... and that's everything for this market, and for any company.”

Thanh Nguyen, Connery Consulting