Fuze for remote workforce.

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Key business challenges.

Creating standards of practice with a diverse workforce

  • Streamlining the work process and create a cohesive virtual environment
  • Standardization across technological platforms
  • Efficient performance management for distributed teams

Why Fuze?

  • Effective and efficient on a wide range of technological platforms
  • Instant visual collaboration, whether for team, 1:1, or customer meetings.
  • Forge deep relationships with colleagues that can only be achieved by working face-to-face
  • Personally interact and evaluate remote worker performance providing real-time feedback

“Sitting in my Greenfield office at least a dozen times now I’ve gone on Fuze with people, made them presenters, and watch through what they’re doing. I’ve been able to identify the mistakes and have them be able to correct through showing them what to do.

Josh Brothers,

Program Manager, Nonotuck Resources