Fuze for sales.

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Key business challenges.

Managing Sales Cycle

  • Maintain professional appearance in front of clients and establish trust
  • Minimize costs of travel and onsite visits
  • Accurately depict value of product/service for sale
  • Add required resources to meetings as-they-happen

Why Fuze?

  • Reliability and mobility of technology afford consistent high quality experience
  • Availability of Fuze for everyone, as an inexpensive tool for anyone on any device that delivers same feeling of face-to-face meeting
  • Clear display with chat functionality to actively engage investors and consumers in a discussion with a presentation
  • Include experts from your company at a moment’s notice and bring them into the meeting

“We hold our monthly and quarterly executive reviews on Fuze with our Volo team. This kind of interface, before you had web-based capability, companies would spend tens of thousands of dollars to build this capability out with monitors and cameras. Here we are doing it for free (almost) - outside of our licence agreements. It's actually brilliant, the whole Volo team are here in video format, and it's like we are together.”

Eric Cordell

VP Sales, VoloUsa.com