To enable today’s increasingly distributed and remote workforce, organizations are adopting cloud-based video and web conferencing solutions. By doing so, they empower individuals and teams to effectively connect and collaborate. That’s because video and web conferencing makes it easier to reliably and visually connect and share information with people inside and outside of an organization, or across the world, across devices, desktops, and meeting rooms.

In addition to boosting productivity and reducing costs associated with business travel, web conferencing helps organizations:

  • Enable faster communication and overall agility
  • Reduce geographic barriers for teams that need to work on projects or specific business processes
  • More easily engage external constituents, such as business partners and customers
  • Roll out training virtually to employees in multiple locations

Fuze provides the flexibility today’s globally distributed workforce needs to stay connected, productive and collaborative, on-point to the finish line. Our cloud-based Video Conferencing 101 technology combined with web conferencing equals one flexible tool. Fuze enables a consistent, high-quality voice, video and content experience across devices, so users can connect anywhere with the device in hand or the screen in the room.

Taking lessons from the consumer world, we designed our software to prioritize simplicity and usability. To that end, our solutions move with each user and can connect to the applications they already use, like Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, Box, DropBox and more – fitting naturally into the daily workflow. Plus, for those businesses looking to evolve to Unified Communications as a Service, we’ve married global voice, video and collaboration into a simple, elegant experience.

We even allow a free trial for distributed teams so organizations can get comfortable with the software before implementing it across the company. And IT staff can rest easy knowing Fuze enables centralized provisioning, management and analytics, as well as a reliable global service architecture and business-grade security.

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Fuze unifies communications into a single seamless user experience across any device.

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