The modern and proven approach to communication and collaboration is clear: it’s enabling users with web conferencing. That’s what today’s users expect. And it’s what forward-thinking IT leaders are delivering.

In the not-so-distant past, the cost of web conferencing prevented many organizations from taking advantage of this communication and collaboration tool. But the cloud has made it possible for more vendors to provide affordable, high-quality, full-featured web conferencing solutions. These solutions require fewer IT resources for set up and management, and eliminate the need for a huge capital investment. At the same time, mobility has enabled more people to access these solutions from anywhere and on any device.

Web conferencing can add up to big cost savings due to:

  • No upfront required hardware costs
  • Predictable monthly billing
  • Pay-as-you-grow features and functionality
  • Software integrations that help you get more out of existing software subscriptions

Moreover, it addresses numerous business challenges. Multitasking has proven repercussions on business, costing the global economy $450 billion annually. Web conferencing can help decrease multitasking by encouraging people to focus on the discussion at hand. More focused and engaged workers deliver higher productivity, and the companies they work for have greater profitability and less employee turnover.

Moreover, when working internationally, the cost of travel is a huge issue. Web conferencing eliminates the costs of airfare, hotels, meals, and other incidental expenses.

In addition to travel, web conferencing can help reduce costs by making it possible to better leverage people and resources across locations, record interactive training for repeat use, and bring expertise wherever it is needed to help reduce costly mistakes, like in product design and manufacturing.

If you’re considering web conferencing, choose a provider that allows a free trial for distributed teams. You’ll find out how well the application performs, how responsive the platform’s team is, and get all your questions answered. A free trial allows you to get comfortable with the software before implementing it organization-wide.

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