This web conferencing 101 can help you understand why web conferencing is being adopted across industries, and how and where it fits in your organization’s communication toolbox.

What is Web Conferencing?

Web conferencing enables people to share computer screens, applications, and web-based content in real time across multiple devices. With the wide adoption of cloud and mobile, web conferencing solutions have evolved to combine desktop and mobile web conferencing with video. Even room-based Video Conferencing 101 solutions now incorporate web conferencing for easy screen and application sharing.

Why Web Conferencing is Being Adopted

Whether for internal use — such as for collaboration and learning — or external use – such as to host educational webinars – web conferencing is being rapidly adopted by organizations across industries.

With a global economy and increasingly distributed workforce, the communication challenges between connected workers are greater than ever. Web conferencing makes it easier to visually connect and share information with people inside and outside of the organization, or across the world. It connects people across continents while also bridging differences in culture and language, providing essential cues to help parties better understand each other. As the composition of the workforce evolves and millennials become the majority in many organizations – the largest generation currently in the workforce, expected to form 50 percent of the workforce by 2020 – demand for web-enabled communication will continue to accelerate. It’s no wonder web conferencing is integral to a best-in-class unified communications solution for enterprises.  

How Web Conferencing Helps Businesses

Today’s web conferencing software solves many problems, enabling your organization to:

Save money

  • Eliminate the expenses associated with business travel.
  • Better leverage people and resources across locations.

Save time

  • Eliminate the time associated with business travel.
  • Allow staff to make important decisions faster, in turn accelerating time to market for new products and services, and more quickly evaluating and repair equipment in the field.

Increase productivity

  • Bring people together no matter where they are.

Create excellent customer experiences

  • Rally virtual teams around a customer issue to drive faster resolution, improve loyalty and reduce churn.

Enhance relationships

  • Foster relationships with partners, collaborators, vendors, and clients by enabling high-quality, engaging meetings anytime, anywhere.

Hire the best talent

  • Be more flexible in hiring, getting the best talent from anywhere and enabling remote work initiatives without compromising quality.

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