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Top Security Considerations for Your Organization’s Hybrid Workforce

Top Security Considerations for Your Organization’s Hybrid Workforce

Today, the global workforce is moving towards a hybrid model, and this means there is a growing demand for flexible work technology. In 2021, communication and collaboration will remain a focal point for business leaders. 


However, as we move towards this hybrid work model — with a mixture of employees in the office and working remotely — what are the top security considerations that your business leaders should take into account when preparing your workforce to be permanently distributed? 


In this webinar, guest speaker Art Schoeller (Vice President & Principal Analyst, Forrester Research) and Chris Conry (CIO, Fuze) will discuss: 

  • Security considerations when evaluating your organization’s technology stack. 
  • Tips for optimizing your selected communications platform for long-term, distributed usage. 
  • Best practices for enforcing the security of your business’ cloud-based applications.

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