“Our ability to enable and support customers and partners through our technology offerings can only be successful if we provide our internal team members with the best tools to be agile and responsive to their needs and requests. The use of Fuze will streamline our call routing, reduce hold times, and provide better overall tracking and that is just the beginning.” - Jennifer Terrill, CIO, iPayment

Visions of a better way to communicate and collaborate

Fuze provides the most modern, innovative UCaaS platform combining voice, video, messaging and contact center within a unified desktop and mobile app experience. In 2006, co-founders Steve Kokinos and Derek Yoo started the company to change the way people work together. The vision continues to be to power every business conversation in the global enterprise. The resulting set of products and services built on a global cloud platform has enabled Fuze to transform the way organizations view communications.

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A single, modern user experience

Fuze understands the frustrations the modern workforce has when being forced to use multiple apps with disparate user experiences to chat, join a meeting, or use a softphone. We have designed the product with consumer-driven UX principles and extensive field testing, which allows you to easily transition between experiences regardless of the device you are using. The Fuze interface allows the ability to instantly create on-to-one or group chats, set favorites, hide chats, name groups, and even launch voice or video calls from an individual or group chat setting.

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Truly localized business communications

Communication is crucial to getting things done in our busy work lives, but a global calling solution that delivers anything less than a local in-country dialing experience across desk phone, mobile and desktop are unacceptable. Fuze delivers a localized dialing experience across the globe, ensuring customers making calls using Fuze have the same great experience they would receive from a traditional on-premise solution but without being tied to a desk.

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A single global platform

Fuze provides a single carrier network, so enterprises can stop wasting time managing dozens of contracts, invoices, and reports across the globe. We developed a highly resilient cloud infrastructure with quality of service (QoS) engineering at the core to deliver the best enterprise-grade cloud PBX and collaboration services available.

Customers such as The Associated Press, Careerbuilder, and AstraZeneca, and moved to Fuze to eliminate the need for maintenance updates, multiple support channels, and disconnected contract termination timelines and rates.

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Fuze unifies communications into a single seamless user experience across any device.

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Fuze vs. Voice providers vs. Conference Providers vs. Messaging platforms
Global Serviceability Locale, E164, Emergency services
User Experience Parity across desktop and mobile applications
Consumer-grade UX
Platform Cloud PBX
Single bill for global carrier services
Published SLA
Included support at no extra cost
Some Some
Quality HD Audio Highest
HD Video Highest
Content sharing Highest