Technology advancements, distributed workforces, and an overhaul in the way people think about work are driving a fundamental shift in the way that today’s businesses must operate.

Drawing on global research, this report presents a vision for the future of work through the eyes of those on the frontlines. It provides a deep-dive analysis into the tools, trends, and technologies that will define the working world over the years to come, along with commentary from industry thought leaders including Frost & Sullivan, Flexcel Network, The Solo Project, and more.

We surveyed:

  • 6,600

    knowledge workers

  • across
  • 9


Workforce Futures

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Here’s what we learned 54%
  • would move to another
  • company for more
  • flexibility at work

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Workforce Futures

The Four Trends Shaping Workforce Futures

We asked today’s employees what work means to them. View the full infographic to see what they said.

When building their own way of working,

4 out of 5 workers

would include some kind of communal working space.

  • of workers aged under 35

    would work from shared offices and
    working spaces such as WeWork.

  • But the preference shifts towards working in the office for senior management and partners.
  • owners/partners
    senior management
  • most likely want to work from the main company office

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“The very nature of work is changing with significant growth in non-routine work over the last 30 years—especially project work—coupled with the technology-accelerated pace of business. This is dramatically changing employers’ emphasis on their talent and their need for workers to be flexible and adapt to the evolving marketplace. Leading corporations are recognizing that to achieve greater employee responsiveness, they must engage workers more, and discover when, where, and how they work best, as well as promote open mindsets. Increasingly aligned with employees’ desires for new ways of working, competitive employers are seeking to discover each person’s optimal work conditions so they can be as productive as possible.”

- Sophie Wade, Workplace Innovation, Specialist Flexcel

In Good Company

Leading CIOs are driving change within their organizations.

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